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Our Story

The Continental Cake Shop Canberra was established in March 2015 by a small experienced team consisting of; a cake business owner, a manager and a pastry cake Chef. The team has previously owned and affiliated in previous well-known cake shops for nearly a decade. The founder of the Continental Cake Shop soon realised the limitations alongside low customer satisfaction which was presented by the cake franchise. Upon realising this after all the years of experience, it was soon decided to build such a cake store where the desire to create and make the most stunning and flavorsome cakes and desserts for all the locals here in Canberra could run freely with no limitations.


At the Continental Cake Shop Canberra, we strive to deliver only the best cakes with exceptional service for all your daily treats and celebration needs throughout the year.

You can only expect the best tasting cakes in Canberra as we use a special cake mix formula created by our own staff on site. We take pride in our cakes and presentation. If you have something in mind bring in a photo or explain it to one of our staff and we can make/bake/create it!


Please get in contact with us for any questions and queries. Also, like us on Facebook for all store promotions and specials.

We look forward to making all your life moments that extra bit special. All baked with love

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